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When the urine is not white

Urine is liquid waste from the body. Most of us do not really notice the colour of urine unless it is accompanied by pain or any other distress in the body. But urine colour can be an indication of health. Urine consists of water, salt & electrolytes such as potassium and phosphorus. It also consists of urea and uric acid. Kidneys filter the blood of toxins & produce urine which then gets collected in the urinary bladder. Ideally urine should be light yellow in colour due to urochrome pigment which is produced by your body by breaking down hemoglobin. The more diluted urochrome is, the less yellow urine becomes, which means the more water you drink the less yellow your urine becomes.

Know what your urine colour means

Clear urine

Clear urine is a sign of overhydration. It means you are taking more water than required. It is not anything bad per say except that your body might be losing electrolytes. Once in a while you might have clear urine which is nothing to worry about. If you are not consuming more water and still have clear urine, it might be a different issue for which it is best to talk to your doctor.

Red or pink urine

Consuming beetroot, blueberry etc may cause urine to be red or pink.  Some health conditions like kidney stones may also cause the change in urine colour. Some medications may also have an effect on urine colour. If you think the change in colour is due to blood, speak to your doctor immediately.

Orange urine

Orange urine indicates dehydration. Drinking water and other fluids can help you stay hydrated. If orange urine is accompanied by light stools it could be an indication of a problem with the liver or bile ducts and needs immediate attention.

Dark brown urine

Dark brown urine indicates dehydration. However it could also be because of heavy physical activity which should resolve by itself after a couple of hours. Dark brown urine may also be indicative of problems with the liver and so medical attention when the colour is persistent is advisable.

Blue / green urine

Blue / green urine is mostly because of food colouring or because of some medical tests that involve dye. If it’s neither of these reasons it would be better to have it checked since it could be indicative of a certain bacterial infection.

Cloudy urine

Cloudy urine is mostly indicative of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). However it could be a symptom of dehydration or sometimes mean issues with the kidney. Foamy urine might require immediate attention as might be indicative of something more serious.

Any difference in urine colour could usually mean dehydration and it should get resolved with plenty of fluids. If urine colour change doesn’t go away for two days or more, you should schedule an appointment with the doctor.

This article is only meant for informative purposes.