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Fowler’s Syndrome (Urinary Retention)

Fowler’s syndrome is a rare condition that occurs in young women. In this condition, women find it difficult to void their bladder. Women with this condition are mostly likely not to feel the urgency to pass urine even though their bladder might be full. It occurs in women in their 20s and 30s causing pain or discomfort. 


Fowler’s syndrome may cause back pain, pain over the bladder & may also lead to bladder infections.  The severity of the condition could be from being able to pass urine with difficulty to completely retention where they cannot pass urine at all. Most patients have a poor urine stream but can still go to the toilet almost normally. The severity of the condition is diagnosed by measuring the residual volume of urine and if it is less, no intervention is required. But if the residual volume is more, it can cause infections. When someone has Fowler’s syndrome with more residual volume, it is likely to cause a large bladder. Recurrent bladder infections can also cause kidney infections. 

How is it treated? 

Usually a sterile catheter is inserted into the bladder to remove the urine which provides relief to the patient. This may also be done frequently to ensure urine gets removed from the bladder from time-time.  

What causes Fowler’s syndrome? 

An exact reason why this condition occurs is unknown although it may occur spontaneously or after a urological or a gynaecological surgery.  It could also occur after childbirth. Women with polycystic ovaries are prone to this condition.

Treatment during complete retention

If the severity is more which means complete retention of urine, sacral nerve stimulation might be used to treat which is known to help restore voiding of the bladder.