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Laparoscopic surgery often known as ‘keyhole’ or minimally invasive surgery is a modern surgical procedure other than traditional urologic surgeries, where large incisions with lengthy hospitalization and recovery are required. Laparoscopic surgery allows laparoscopic surgeon to perform complex procedures within the abdomen without having to place his hands directly into the body cavity.

Chennai Kidney Care uses robotic technology in laparoscopic urologic surgery. Patients who have undergone these procedures have enjoyed not only the same diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of traditional open surgery but also greatly reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospitalization, faster recovery, and better cosmetic results.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Smaller Incision
  • Patients experience minimal pain
  • Less Hospital Stay
  • Reduced Risk of Infections

Laparoscopic urologic surgery at Chennai Kidney Care is done with extra care for patients, which brings a number of benefits to the patient with against “open surgeries” including reduced pain, reduced bleeding and scarring, and shorter recovery times. We are one of the few hospitals performing a wide range of laparoscopic surgeries in Chennai.

What Makes Us Different

  • Best clinical outcomes
  • Qualified and experienced doctor
  • Professional staff
  • Affordable prices

If you are one who is looking for minimally invasive urology surgery, you may want to discuss all other available options contact us.